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I do declare, there were times I took some comfort there


I’ve always liked it. Who doesn’t?  And I’ve always done whatever I can to get it. Even pay for it.

That’s what this is about: paying for sex. Let’s not get too self-analytical here. This is just about pussy. Well, finding it. And of course, paying for it.

You always hear the old argument about how all pussy is paid-for pussy. A guy takes a girl out on a date, pays for dinner hoping to get in her pants. If he’s successful, he’s essentially paid for that piece of ass as well as the filet mignon. It’s a fairly misogynistic view of society that basically assigns all women the role of whore.

Once upon a time, I became somewhat fascinated by the street walkers. Driving through certain parts of a certain town, you could see them walking the track at all hours of  the day and night. How easy it became to spot them once you knew what to look for. If you were looking for the TV-sanitized and sensationalized version of street hookers, with garish make up, mini skirts, fishnets and rabbit fur stoles, you’d miss all the real working girls. The ones in jeans and sneakers. Because, chances are, they weren’t going to take their pants off for a quick car date anyway. And pounding the pavement for hours in ridiculously high heels is impractical.

Working the night shift, I could spend hours driving up and down the boulevard. And yes, I often partook.

But now, the game has changed. Sure, there are still plenty of street level hoes to be found, but the action has moved inside, online.

A few years ago, I stumbled onto the world of online escort review and advertising sites. Fell down that deep rabbit hole. And I still haven’t found my way out. It’s a labyrinth.

Or a cesspool.

  1. Kinkydad says:

    My friend, i’m right there with you.

  2. daddybearj says:

    Yep – I’m there with you. If the money’s there, I’m fucking a skank; or if they time is there, my pants are pulled down 😉

  3. AV Flox says:

    First things first: I adore your blog.

    I’m the editor of an L.A.-based sex blog called Sex and the 405 and I would love to run one of your pieces. Or eight. Or eighty.

  4. Elle L33t says:

    I just read your last update and I think I’m in love. Geek girl Courtesan here and I love what you wrote on how hobbyists “can do no wrong”

    Right on, brotha, write on!

  5. Dreams Alexandra says:

    Hello! Wanted to introduce myself and say I am looking forward to getting to know you better! *wink* smile, Can’t wait to read your thoughts, and feel every…word of it! kisses, Dreams Alexandra

  6. David says:

    Dude, you speak to me. I have never used any hobbyist chat or message boards, but I have been paying for it for 10 years now. I has cost me. Not just money either, but I don’t stop. I have been doing strip clubs since I was 16 (1973), but didn’t start paying for it until I was a truck driver: lot lizards! This is a crazy addiction. I am sober now 23 years and never did this drunk. But I like your honesty about this habit we share, so I’ll keep up and read your stuff. I keep thinking I should quit, but then some little cute or nasty girl gets my attention. Oh well!

  7. Love your candor.
    ~Hooker Addict addict

  8. Brittany says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if you’d like to review a product of ours. If you’re interested, give me a shout 🙂



  9. Sequoia says:

    a labrinth or a cesspool? ha!

  10. Rhia Charles says:

    Love your blog Mister, would you like to swap blogroll links? Rhia x

  11. Antioch says:

    “Servants of sin are slaves to sin” – Bible

    You trade your short life “a season of sin” for an eternity in hell?

    “The harlot’s house is the way to hell. Descending to the chambers of death” – Proverbs 7

  12. Dan says:

    I am a 30 year old married guy looking to hire my first escort. I work in downtown boston and need a 1 hour release tomorrow. My fantasy has always been being with two girls as once. I have been scouring the internet looking for tips to make sure that I dont get arrested. Its my biggest fear. I will be smart to use condoms and money is not a concern. I am way more paranoid about soliciting a cop. Here are the two girls I want to hire.


    I called Madison and asked if she had a friend. She said she did and it is the second girl listed. She seemed nice enough but what troubles me is that she doesnt have any reviews online. She told me she isnt “into that”. Is this a clear sign that she might be law enforcement? Would you be able to give me some solid tips to tell if who I am contacting is working with the police? I know nothing is 100% but i would feel more comfortable with some guidelines.

    Thanks so much! Nice website!

    • Some Guy says:

      Look, this just isn’t the sort of thing I get into. I’m not going to recommend a girl, I’m not an advice columnist for the lovelorn, and frankly, if you’re just now getting around to making a date for a double tomorrow afternoon, chances are you’re outta luck. Even if you use a condom.
      Having said that, c’mon dude, have you heard about this new thing called “Google?”
      Here’s some basic homework, with a caveat. I don’t know the Madison you listed in your link, I’m sorry, but I’ve never heard of her. She could very well be a lovely, talented, legitimate escort, but I have no way of knowing that. And while I don’t want to in any way impugn her reputation, I remain unconvinced. First step, easy step: Google her phone number. I understand why a lady may not want reviews, I truly do, and I respect that. But there is nothing on teh googles about her. Nothing. A Henderson, Nevada phone number, a Boston area Eros ad, no website, no reviews, no booking form.
      As for her ‘friend,’ I’m not sure to which ad you refer. Is it Lexi LaRen from Los Angeles? She’s definitely a known quantity. But a quick look at her website tells me that you’re not likely to get in to see her on extremely short notice with no prior screening. If, however, you have filled out her booking form on her website and been accepted for an appointment, what’s your worry?
      On the other hand, if you’re talking about the other ‘Lexi’ on that page, she’s an agency girl from Florida. Says that pretty clearly in her ad.
      Does any of that mean you’re safe and won’t get arrested? It’s never 100%.
      Shit happens. Do your homework and you’re less likely to have that shit happen to you, but shit, my friend, does indeed happen.
      Even a well established, well reviewed lady you’ve seen before may have had a change in her situation since the last time you saw her. Anything can happen.
      Can I tell you if someone you’ve contacted is working with the police? Dude, I could sell that sort of clairvoyance for big money if I had it.

  13. noneedforaname says:

    well..i guess i was just wondering am i so vein? lol?

  14. Your site is a refreshing and candid change from the norm. The escort review sites are full of anger, admiration and insecurity. Escorts /courtesans must decide if their profession will be controlled by men. Society has branded men that pay for sex to be the main cause of perversion, child rape, human trafficking, divorce and women having body issues. I dare the hobbyist to stop being co conspirators. Treat the women you interact with well and stop objectifying them and start enjoying them. Escorts are also blamed for societies sexual appetites. I hate the lack of originality and cookie cutter antics of escorts as well. Approach this industry as a profession an art and you advance the industry. Imagine if Vogue became obsessed with imitation and celebrated clones.

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