Pro-tip: learn to count

Posted: January 12, 2011 in blowjob, cock, escort, Hobbyist, hookers, prostituion, sex
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ATMs ain’t rocket science.

Learn to count. You know how much her hourly rate is. You know that ATMs only dispense $20s.
So, if her rate is $350 and you get $360 from the cash machine, you know you’re either gonna have to break the $20 before you get there or give her an extra $10.

Don’t go in there all flummoxed about how to make change for a $20. She just gave you a blowjob, don’t ask her to give you change. Don’t ask to take ten minutes off your hour for a ten buck discount. And for fuck’s sake don’t short her $10 off her rate.
If you didn’t get change before you got to the room, suck it up and give her the full amount plus ten. If $10 goddam dollars is gonna make or break your budget, well… jerking off alone is a lot cheaper.

  1. Escort Rule #1- We never have change.
    Come prepared gentlemen, and don’t make yourself look like a dork over ten bucks. And you always look cooler with hundreds and a fifty, rather than the two twenties and a ten or worse two fives! – it makes it look like you went out of your way to make change. I never expect a tip, but is ten bucks really a tip? Or just an oversight in not having correct denominations? I have never never never had anyone leave a ten dollar “tip” as in an intentional extra ten bucks.

  2. I have a rule.

    The first time I visit you…exact change…and I don’t carry a tip, ID, Phone, anything…I don’t know what I am walking into.

  3. Kelly says:

    Nothing wrong with exact change. Just be prepared so it is a smooth transaction requiring no discussion. No change counting. It’s stupid. I don’t like envelopes either. I just read about an arrest in Sarasota where the cop used an envelope marked gift. Just stupid. Lay the money flat, where it can be counted with your eyes. Then neither of us will need to be distracted by it. And again, big bills are classier. IMHO.