Pro-tip: bedbugs

Posted: January 11, 2011 in escort, ho, Hobbyist, hookers, money, prostituion, sex, whore
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Don’t let the bedbugs bite.


Pro Tip: If you wouldn’t see a hooker working out of a cheap sleazy hotel like this, why are you staying here? It’s good enough for you to stay in, but not good enough for you to fuck in?

Even worse, how are you gonna call a hooker to a room like this? How are you gonna get a $600 an hour escort to come out to a $40 a night flop?


  1. … 80 a night during the CES week – lol. Worth it to book really early and get a nice hotel with the substantial convention discount.

  2. dviantboy says:

    OTOH, I once had a fairly high end girl insist I get a room in a seedy motel because she liked the thrill of liaisons in a cheap motel. Bonus that night, it was raining in LA and contributed to a film noir feel to the encounter.