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Really? Really!?

Some 8 or 9 months ago, the online hooker/hobbyist world exploded with the revelation that one of the most high-profile “escorts” was (and is) a fake. A poser, a pretender, a liar and a content thief.

Many real sex workers wrote at length about it. Sex worker / sex positive publications both physical and virtual dissected the story. Real, verifiable, working strippers, escorts, camgirls and sex bloggers/educators contributed their points of view about this lying, thieving wannabe and her unabashed attempts at gaining legitimacy for herself based on the efforts (and skin) of others.

I chimed in on the controversy, both here on my own blog, and by adding comments to others. My particular perspective is that her deception was a widely know, badly kept secret among many hobbyists and message board owners.

Months have passed now, and I don’t really relish reliving that tawdry episode, and I don’t particularly care to add to her martyr complex. But recent events underscore the fact that, far from being shamed into obscurity by the harsh light of revelation, this deceiver, this con artist, this pathological liar showing a marked lack of even the most basic shame and decency, continues to prevaricate, pontificate and present herself as a real escort, a real sex educator, a real… person. Even after being unmasked, exposed as a content thief, she still has followers who believe her rather than their own senses. Apparently, there are a fuckload of people not possessed of the ability to use the Google. Then again, there are still people who’ll vote Republican.

Like I said, I don’t want to add to her legitimacy by addressing her directly. It’s her followers that this is addressed to.

Let this serve as notice. No matter how much I like you, no matter how much I enjoy reading your blogs or your Twitters. If you persist in retweeting the tripe from that lying phony, I will un-follow you. I know, that’s not much of a loss. I don’t have thousands of followers, I don’t command an army of sycophants. Frankly, I don’t give a fuck. I’d rather not see that cunt in my Twitter stream. And if it means I don’t get to enjoy your sparkling wit & wisdom, so be it.

P.S. The same caveat applies if you seriously retweet Sarah Palin.

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