Strange Bedfellows

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Sexual Politics

The honey is on the nightstand

When people think of sex and politics these days, they immediately think of Bill and his cigar, Monica under the desk, John and his illegitimate love child or a certain political MILF.

But discussion of politics is often rampant on supposedly sexually oriented hooker message boards, review sites and blogs. Many escorts and other sex workers are politically active. Many “hobbyists” are, too. Although, there does seem to be a divergence of opinion among them along the political spectrum. The more active, the more vocal a sex worker is, whether on her own blog or on a message board, the higher the likelihood she’ll hear some variant of : “you’re just a dumb whore.”

Shut Your Whore Mouth When Men Are Talking.

Seen, not heard

Stupidity runs rampant and unchecked on the message boards. True, the same could be said of most social networking sites and general topic discussion boards. But it really digs itself in on the hooker boards. One certain local board seems to revel in and celebrate their stupidity and willful ignorance. By way of example: Some Girl posted a new thread devoted to passing around the latest e-mail chain letter political attack. You know the type. The kind of thing your mother-in-law forwards to everyone on her e-mail list, origins unknown. Some new outrage about the current politician or party that’s out of favor with the hasn’t-learned-how-to-Google crowd. When my elderly mother used to send me those, at first I’d look up the source, do a quick fact-check, then return it to her with those facts attached. I no longer bother with that. I recognize that, to my mom, it’s the equivalent of passing along a newspaper clipping about the town council or the local Easter egg hunt. It’s the yearly stories about razor blades in Halloween apples. She read it in the paper, so it must be true.  But when someone posting on an Internet message board posts that kind of easily debunked crap, your first thought tends to be: “this is why guys think you’re just a dumb whore.” Look, I know you know how to work the Internet machine. You’re posting on a goddam Internet message board. Thirty seconds worth of fact-checking could have spared you from looking like a stereotype. Fact is, though, there are a metric assload of guys on those boards who are just as stupid, if not more so. “HAR HAR! It’s snowing, that proves there’s no global warming!!1!” But no one calls them stupid whores. No one suggests they shut their stupid whore mouths when the (intelligent) men are talking.

Women — escorts — are routinely marginalized on the so-called escort social networking sites. It’s rare to see women participating in an active debate when it comes to politics or current events. Sure, they can jabber away all damn day and night about how much they love lingerie, or how they love to spend time with “hobbyists.” But the only  positions they’re allowed to talk about are ‘cowgirl vs. doggy’ not ‘Keynesian vs. Randian economics.’

This isn’t, strictly speaking, a Left vs. Right kinda thing, although there do tend to be clearly drawn lines. I used to be astounded that so many “hobbyists” hold extremely socially conservative political views. But seeing them consistently put down escorts, not just for holding opposing views, but for expressing their opinions at all, and the surprise wears off. It’s not surprising that guys who think a woman should keep her mouth shut unless she’s sucking a dick would hold conservative positions.

All of this has a tendency to drive women away from participating on the boards. One local board has seen the participation of the ladies dwindle down to almost nothing. As of this writing, there is one woman left who actively participates in discussions on that board, outside of the usual classified ads and hair flipping flirtation posts. Slowly but surely, outspoken women are dropped from the board. Ironically, the threads that she does participate in are the most widely viewed. Sure, a lot of the discussion tends to veer towards bashing her for her views, but that’s pretty much always the case when politics are discussed on the escort boards. Any opportunity to bash the ho’s is seized upon.

There’s nothing wrong with you holding an opinion that is contrary to mine, specially as it concerns politics. There are certain people I follow — on Twitter, here, message boards and elsewhere– that have diverging opinions on all manner of topics. But every time you open your virtual gob and spew out ignorant, uninformed, downright stupid tripe, you reinforce the stereotype. You make it that much harder for those who do have something valid to opine. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

Silence is golden... duct tape is silver

  1. nuclear medicine doctor says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how smart women are chased off escort boards by men that don’t even have half of their IQ. Thank god I’m a Doctor and not a provider.

    • Some Guy says:

      Thanks for your comments.
      I think that calling them ‘escort boards’ is a misnomer. They’re more like virtual locker rooms where men can brag about their conquests and compare their dicks. And they’re getting meaner.
      As a matter of fact, I think I’ll be writing about that aspect of it soon.
      Check back!

      • boneboybob says:

        I couldn’t care less what any guy on an escort board thinks about my dick or my conquests. I don’t patronize escorts for anyone else’s purposes than my own.

        Contra this, escort boards serve a simple purpose: sharing information as to keep from getting ripped off. They’re pretty fantastic as that goes. Everything else is a fucking sideshow, and while yes, there are a lot of reactionary clowns spending their time posturing, anyone with reasonable IQ knows to avoid the sideshow and concentrate on the vital information they convey.

      • Some Guy says:

        Too often though, the sideshow has moved to the main tent, and those with reasonable IQs are being relegated to the scrap heap. And while I may agree with you that the boards can be a valuable asset in the sharing of information to keep everyone safe, how much longer can any information be deemed valuable if it’s coming from the same reactionary clowns time and time again?
        Thanks for your input, I welcome your comments.
        Although frankly I don’t care about your dick.

  2. Bitch says:

    Smart women don’t post because they can see that boards are mostly comprised of dumbasses. Knowing that dumbasses (especially male, insecure dumbasses) dislike smartasses(especially female, assertive smartasses), they’d be alienating and antagonizing the majority of their moneymaking demographic, which would be dumb. Duh! 😉

  3. Bitch says:

    I should clarify that there ARE some smart women on boards, but to avoid frightening away the clownish clientele, they avoid actually posting about anything except how they love to eat your cum and your yummy yummy buttholes, you hot, sexy bunch of studs, you!

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