Quick discussion topic:

I saw this on Twitter today,


retweeted by the lovely Emily Jones.

Which got me to thinking. “Hobbyists” will often go to great lengths to get a free session. They’ll try to use their status as ‘trusted’ board members, they’ll claim to be able to steer more business to an escort, they’ll lie. They’ll use the promise of a good review, or worse they’ll use the threat of giving a bad review. They’ll tell a new girl that a good word from them will guarantee more business. They’ll tell the established girl that their influence with other “hobbyists” can ruin their business. In other words, they attempt to coerce an escort into having sex with them. For free.

So, how is sex-by-coercion when perpetrated by a “hobbyist” different than date rape?

Let me know what you think.

  1. CocosButter says:

    In some ways it isn’t. Both are crude, disrespectful, and forceful acts done by men who don’t care about women. (It would also be the same if a woman did it to a male escort, but that is rare.) Date rape is just that….sex by coercion.

  2. Kinkydad says:

    Wow, as someone who has seen my share of escorts I’ve NEVER exploited one for a few session. The few “Freebies” I’ve gotten have been because either the woman offered one to me, wanted to see me outside the profession or just plain liked me.

    I think you’re spot on. This is akin to date rape and is horrible.

  3. It’s clear a “hobbyist” and a “provider” have different goals. The hobbyist’s goal is to be such a good lover that the provider tells him, “You know what? You’re so awesome I want to pay YOU.” Or at least see him for free. A provider’s goal is to make her mortgage payment and have a great time doing it. These two goals don’t even begin to mesh, so it’s a delicate line to walk. I absolutely operate under a policy of mutual respect, and can’t stand when a man doesn’t do the same.

  4. bitch says:

    Its no different than date-rape, but its better than guys who don’t pay after the session or who steal the $ back after paying upfront, which is more like rape-rape. They say ‘she’s just a whore’, like that makes it ok for them to be ‘just a thief’ or ‘just a rapist’.