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Posted: December 22, 2009 in Escorts, los angeles escorts, prostituion, sex work
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Faux Ho

All the glamour, none of the mess.

Richard Glen Strandlof had the nation fooled: He claimed to have been at the Pentagon on 9/11 and to have been injured when his Humvee was blown apart in Iraq, two assertions that helped him become a popular activist for veteran rights. With those claims, Strandlof, who went by the name Rick Duncan, founded the Colorado Veterans Alliance. Sadly, he was nothing but a charlatan.

During the course of setting up the non-profit veteran’s alliance, inconsistencies about “Duncan” started bubbling to the surface. Things just weren’t adding up; his stories of bravery and heroism didn’t ring true to some of the real veterans who had served honorably in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. The FBI eventually determined that “Duncan” was a con man and drifter.

Here in Southern California, the FBI is also investigating another military impostor, David Weber, who allegedly misrepresented himself as a retired 2-star Marine General.

Whenever an online discussion turns to matters military, almost without fail you’ll get that variant of the Internet Tough Guy: the Internet Green Beret. He’s the Black Ops Special Forces Soldier of Fortune who knows all about tactics, techniques, and terminology. Without benefit of having ever served.

They seek to shoulder all the glory without having ever shouldered a weapon. They pose as veterans without having faced an enemy.

What does any of this have to do with hookers?

Just recently, the always previously excellent Carnal Nation published an article by Monica Shores, editor and contributor for Spread Magazine where she brings to light the curious phenomena of the faux ho; the posers out there pretending to be super-hot exotic dancers, strippers and hookers.

After all, when you’re angling for that book deal, it’s easier to pretend to be a hooker than to get all dirty and messy blowing real clients.

Worst kept secret

The worst kept secret in the biz seems to be Alexa diCarlo, alleged escort and notorious content thief.

So what? So, some girl (or guy) is pretending to be a high-class hooker, we’re all pretending to be something we’re not, right? Who’s it hurting?

I mean, I like to pretend I don’t weigh 300 pounds and can satisfy a woman.


I recently wrote about what I believe is another pretender, and how dangerous I think it is for someone to give advice based on a false premise. Sex workers –real sex workers– put their safety on the line every time they go to work. The dangers of the real world are… well, real.

People have known about Alexa for quite some time now. In whispers on private message boards, in snickers about purported gangbangs, in rolled eyes about fake pictures. Alexa has made some outrageous, scandalous claims. And for all her high profile online visibility, she’s decidedly invisible in real life.

Just as the bogus military vet takes time, money, and attention from real heroes, the faux hoes take time, money, attention from the real sex workers. And worse, they put those very real escorts, strippers and massage girls in danger by perpetuating a myth. Unrealistic representations lead to unrealistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations can lead to real physical and emotional damage. A girl who thinks that all she needs to do to screen a potential client is to ask him if he’s a cop is bound to feel the cold steel of handcuffs. An unbalanced client who thinks that all escorts really want to take it up the ass, bareback,  is going to become combative when face to face with a hooker who won’t accede to his demands. And if both of those players are getting their expectations from the same source, it’s no longer a fun game of fantasy. Real people, real lives, real safety are being threatened.

I have my suspicions. I think I know who the real person behind the screen persona is. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong. I suspect, for one thing, that the person masquerading as a $2000 an hour, former stripper, exotically beautiful escort falls far short of that idealized beauty. The real person portraying an escort at the highest echelons of that profession may really be someone who couldn’t get beyond the lower rungs of the industry ladder. And the affectation of beauty may be nothing more than psychological window dressing to cover up perceived shortcomings. Maybe the “Alexa” project was nothing more than another attempt to cash in on the current pop culture success of the hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold. Hell, hookers and vampires are the “in” thing right now. (Note to self, screenplay idea: Vampire Hookers)

Or it could be some dude, banging out bad erotic fiction in his mom’s basement.

Continue to read the “Real” Princess Diaries. But realize that it’s fiction.

There are real, honest-to-goodness, verifiable sex workers writing and blogging out there. They put themselves and their reputations on the line. Seek those out. And if you’re looking for tawdry advice, whether on how to hire a hooker or how to be a hooker, follow them.

  1. Some Guy says:

    “Diamond” posted the following comment on another article, but I thought it was pertinent here, too, so I am re-posting:

    http://twitter.com/BlueyedCass85 – “Alexa’s other twitter page
    http://www.blueyedcass.com/ – She is also a cam girl…funny how she had sessions while on vacation in Yellowstone
    http://www.princessblueyez.com/ – and here she is again
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogc7I-z5J0w …and here she is on Youtube
    http://www.caitlainscorner.com/ – She’s a sex expert here & creator of this site.
    Plus she’s a grad student, a courtesan, a writer of several blogs, a sex worker advocate & constantly twitters etc She is such a fraud!

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  3. Audrey says:

    I just found your blog and would like to introduce myself. I don’t mean for my first comment to be combative or controversial, but I’d like to offer a counter-argument to your statement that

    “…the faux hoes take time, money, attention from the real sex workers. And worse, they put those very real escorts, strippers and massage girls in danger by perpetuating a myth.”

    Actually, regardless of who Alexa really is/was, she had two important impacts on my professional life:

    1. I was inspired to blog my own stories by reading her blog
    2. I met a really AWESOME client because he was a commenter on Alexa’s blog

    So for me, her (fake?) writings had a real-life benefit, and were actually an inspiration and a help. If all of it was a lie, what the heck, who cares, it was beneficial in a very tangible way. It makes me sad that it wasn’t real… but I’m not angry that it existed, like other people seem to be.


    • Some Guy says:

      Thanks for your comments, I certainly don’t find them combative.
      Having read your blog, I can see where you were influenced and inspired by “Alexa.”

  4. novasmut says:

    hey everyone– i’m a sex worker/grad student desperately trying to finish my thesis about stripping and identity formation, and some of the discourse emerging around the alexa debate fills a crucial hole in my argument. i need some sources, though: anyone got links to articles/posts specifically dealing with: mainstream sex work debate/academia’s lack of acknowledgment of sex work bloggers, current criticisms of sex work bloggers as disempowered, or that blogging allows us sex workers to express liminality in an otherwise polarized debate?

    any and all ideas would help at this point. i’m at a loss, and this debate just became my ticket to ride. link to my blog is below, please email or comment with any ideas. sorry to be whiny. i’m trying to take my shite to the academic level, yo!

    love and lapdances,